Tutorial with Jonathan 22/11/18

We spoke about how my river project has taken up most of my time, and that I enjoyed having a structure in place from having deadlines for the metal pour, certain days of the foundry being open, and the deadline for the summer show to work towards- I felt much more stable having a rhythm […]

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22/11/2018 Online Group Tutorial

Not feeling too well today, so I have joined the online tutorial group rather than going to class this morning. Notes: discussing the Yayoi Kusama exhibition and sharing photos the relationship to Kusama’s paintings and Janet’s work- both paint flat, so the works have no “right way” up, but Janet said: “it reveals itself in […]

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Practical Work To Do List

Buy saucepan for glass wax Use existing moulds to make glass wax casts Use existing moulds to make jesmonite casts (plaster casts didn’t work) Finish bronzes and aluminium casts Go back to riverbank and find plastic bottle (and other things?) Cast bottle in foundry (?) Use existing moulds to use eco resin? – Speak to […]

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Week 6 Summary

Things I have achieved: Further testing with the macro lens, including some filming using light and angles further testing with vacuum forming, and a decision on what I would like to put into the exhibition from this made one final piece out of a possible 4 for the exihibition To do list: Catch up with […]

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Week 4 Summary

Another hard week, but I have continued with my research for the video game- I have finished reading and making notes on the relevant chapter of Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates, and have been reading more articles related to the topic. I have also found more games I need to play as references (Lifeline, Loved, […]

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Week 3 Summary

This Week Week 3 was a bit tough for me, i have been very unwell, physically and mentally, and subsequently I was unable to attend Tuesday’s workshop. I did, however, attend the lecture on Wednesday by Maiko Tsutsmi, and the topic was deeply relevant to one of my projects. “practice as research” is a big […]

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