DRAW- Yu Chen Wang

“Drawing can be a very simple and effective method of communication” – Yu Chen Wang As part of the DRAW reading group led by the Post-Grad Community we had the pleasure to welcome artist Yu-Chen Wang, a London based artist from Taichung, Taiwan. Her practice primarily focuses on drawing, where her work treads a delicate […]

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TO DO LIST- Spring Break

edit video clips of 3D Scanning and printing and upload to Vimeo/Youtube then add to draft post and publish make work for the Mentally Chill exhibition exploring mental health make fat video piece Organise exhibition- make or get someone else to make promo materials, apply for Student Iniative Fund, go through submissions, select work, email […]

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Feedback for Ziyan 07/03/19

Guy Debord comments on the “society of spectacle” linking French theory from the 20th century to what is currently happening in China- I thought this was very apt and interesting to consider Lin Yilin and Liang Juhui- impromptu performances that interact with public spaces, playing with the idea of the spectacle Caofei.com – I particularly […]

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