Tutoring Paper Workshop at 3rd Rail Print Space


The images above are from the one day beginners Paper Printing workshop that I ran at 3rd Rail Print Space this weekend. This wasn’t the first time I have tutored a workshop, but it was the first time since before Lockdown, so I was a little nervous at first. We ended up having a slight hiccup where a few of the screens were exposed with the designs the wrong way round, but we managed to sort it out and get everyone finished on time with their limited edition of 10 prints, and we got good reviews! I am very pleased that I managed to handle the problem so well and it has made me feel a bit more confident in myself.

Printing Client Work @ 3rd Rail Print Space

Internship at 3rd Rail

Did a trial assisting with printing two rolls of fabric for a client at my internship today! This means I’ll be able to assist or lead with printing clients work in future on a freelance basis (meaning paid work!) It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, and the hardest part was actually getting the fabric lined up and pinned properly- the actual printing was easy enough once we had decided how many pulls to do (pulling the ink across with the squeegee) and got into a rhythm.