Feedback for Ziyan 07/03/19

  • Guy Debord comments on the “society of spectacle”
  • linking French theory from the 20th century to what is currently happening in China- I thought this was very apt and interesting to consider
  • Lin Yilin and Liang Juhui- impromptu performances that interact with public spaces, playing with the idea of the spectacle
  • – I particularly liked this artists work!
  • Xu Zhen supermarket- playing with the idea of consumer culture, and what people will actually buy
  • where next? What do you see as the final outcome for your work, in regards to the show?
  • dealing with feelings through materials, taking ownership by deconstructing physical memories
  • who do memories belong to?
  • “Memory as an Illusion”, book by Julia Shaw- borrow this from Gabby!
  • “Gaslight”- a film by Alfred Hitchcock examining memory and manipulation
  • I would like to see more research into memory and more experiments and work exploring your topics!

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