Presentation- ISMs in the Art Gallery 07/03/19

2ND YEAR PRESENTATIONS, Assessment, river project, UNIT 2

20190307_123453ISMs In The Art Gallery

I have linked my presentation, above, and the photo shows all of my casts so far laid out on the table during my presentation.

During my presentation I wanted to focus on how my river project is about engaging the audience and being more interactive than your average piece of art, and how this links to my research paper topic of classism in the gallery space. I feel that work that is purely visual leaves out a lot of people, specifically those with visual impairments, and can also put off children and those who prefer tactile work, so I wanted to combat this by making work that is meant to be touched and handled by the audience. Engaging the audience in this way can be effective at breaking down the barriers many people, particularly those of different classes, age and abilities, face when visiting art galleries and museums, and I feel this is vital if we want the art world to be a more inclusive and diverse space. I was keen for my classmates to pick up and interact with my work and get their opinions on it, which is why I laid out all the pieces I have made so far out on the table for my presentation.


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