Video Game Inspo Pinterest Page and Gender Survey

Research for Perfect Victim, Work in Progress

Pinterest link

Gender Presentation and Discrimination Survey 

The top linked page is for visual references for the Perfect Victim video game project- I have played two games so far (Depression Quest and Dream Daddy) and taken screenshots and made accompanying notes on this Pinterest page, each with their own sub-section. I have also pinned visual references for the character creation I hope to include in my game, and other visual references from other games and artists for scenery/backgrounds/ect. This is so that once I find an illustrator and games designer/programmer to collaborate with they can see my inspiration and visual references collected in one place, as well as something for myself to refer back to.

The second link is for a survey I created as part of my research for this game, looking into how gender presentation can lead to discrimination (or not). I hope to see if people feel that how they present regarding gender (i.e. if they look more masculine or feminine) affects how they are treated by others. This is so that I can incorporate first hand experiences into my video game, to make it more realistic. I also need to write up a series of questions to ask women of colour, trans women, and people of other genders who present as more feminine(or who used to), in one to one interviews. I already have a few people who have volunteered to be interviewed, so I’m hoping these interviews will give me vital primary data and experiences to work into the game. I will ask the Student Union if they can do a mass email to UAL students and share my call for interviewees on social media so that I can reach a wider audience than just my current social circles.


  • Play the other games as research (screenshot and make notes during this)
  • Write up a series of questions for the one to one interviews
  • Get a call put out for interviewees so that I can start interviewing people asap
  • review the responses to my survey
  • Continue character write ups
  • Draft key scenes for the game
  • Find collaborators


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