In The River: Untitled @ Hybrid

Kat, pictured with their work in the MA Fine Art Digital studio space
Four vacuum formed sheets of white plastic with positive impressions of a piece of brick, a plastic bottle, a piece of rope, and a branch, all found on the foreshore of the River Thames

This was one of the first developments of the In The River project that began with the series of photograms I created during the final year of my degree, made in the first few months of my MA studies. I made many experimental vacuum forms of larger objects found on a second walk along the river, after my first set of objects were mistakenly thrown away. These four vacuum forms pictured are made in white plastic, and are the final versions of this particular branch of the project- it took many attempts to get the brick and piece of wood to work the way I wanted them to, using plasticine and other methods to enable me to remove the objects from the vacuum formed plastic. The rope ended up completely degrading and each vacuum formed test looks different as it degraded over time. The plastic bottle ended up embedded in the vacuum form and although I tried to cut it out some of it still remains embedded in the back, meaning I couldn’t reuse it. I displayed these in the interim show, Hybrid, at 2 Girls Café in Peckham, and was also photographed with them (as pictured above) for UAL marketing for the course.

I captioned this work:
Untitled; (2017)
Part of a body of work which explores objects found along the banks of the River Thames. The works shown here examine the perceptions of a selection of these objects when rendered in white plastic- how can colour and materials morph them into something else? “

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