TO DO LIST- Spring Break

UNIT 2, Weekly To Do Lists
  • edit video clips of 3D Scanning and printing and upload to Vimeo/Youtube then add to draft post and publish
  • make work for the Mentally Chill exhibition exploring mental health
  • make fat video piece
  • Organise exhibition- make or get someone else to make promo materials, apply for Student Iniative Fund, go through submissions, select work, email those selected, book/source equipment, organise private view and events to happen whilst exhibition is up
  • Type up Dorothea Tanning notes into blog post and add photos
  • Add photos/videos of the exhibitions we visited during the Low Residency and type up notes into blog post
  • finish blog post on my presentation and feedback
  • finish typing up Ziyan’s feedback
  • edit video clips of photogrammetry first attempts and post along with notes
  • Edit video clips of Peckham project for Low Residency and add photos and notes to blog post
  • type up notes and add photos from the talk given by Professor

Weekly To Do List 14/01/19

river project, UNIT 2, Weekly To Do Lists


  • Morning – help prep sandpit and mould for the pour in the afternoon
  • 12pm- meet Adamina and experiment with 3D scanning and printing


  • Morning- Glass wax cast the jaw pieces and redo the brick
  • Afternoon- start making silicone casts of bones


  • I have work in the evening so I will probably rest during the day


  • 10am – 12pm Group tutorial
  • Continue casting in glass wax/silicone/polymer plaster (brick)
  • Work on aluminium bone casts?


  • Photograph pieces so far
  • Continue working on presentation for 7th March

Weekly To Do List 07/01/19 – 11/01/19

UNIT 2, Weekly To Do Lists

Was out of action yesterday, so here is my plan for the rest of the week.


  • Use glass wax to make casts using bone moulds
  • Redo herculite hollow brick cast, as first attempt broke
  • If pos- do herculite casts from the jaw silicone putty moulds today


  • I have work 3.30-10pm, so I don’t expect to get anything physical done, will upload photos from Tuesday if pos


  • De-mould everything from Tuesday
  • Bronze pour- assist where possible for my bronze rose mould (digging the sand pit, moving the moulds into sand pit, securing moulds in sand pit)


  • Make sure all photos are uploaded
  • Reflect on progress
  • Foundry is shut- I should use this time to research and start planning my presentation for 7th March


  • I have work both days so I won’t have time to do physical work, may do some research before or after work