Emma Gradin, 2nd Year PHD at Chelsea

Lectures/Talks, Tutorials
  • slowing down the gallery experience, through curation, ect
  • talking to artists and spending time with the artworks
  • what do visitors need to know when coming to a gallery and how do we communicate it?
  • are we experiencing the work, or just matching it to the description?
  • what is a studio video? Looking, listening, encountering works, reacting to work, looking at works in progress, asking questions
  • expanded studio visitor- some structured, some unstructured conversations, a meeting and building of mutual respect
  • experimenting with “informational antechambers” – introducing exhibitions with a room of projections
  • translating the visuals into written language- do we need to? Does it help? Can it create more barriers?
  • is it important that viewers/curators know what I was thinking when
    I made the work?
  • looking, listening, discussing, thinking, reflecting, conversation
  • how do you know when a work is finished?
  • how much information is too much?
  • how can we make art more accessible?
  • ableism in the art world and gallery space
  • how can smell, sound, touch, and light slow down the gallery experience?