Photoshop Experimentation

I am making a Redbubble account to sell some of my designs on, as all my work has been cancelled due to Covid19- I would prefer to print my designs onto products first i.e. via screen printing at 3rd Rail Print Space, but it is shut due to the pandemic and I need a form […]

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BPD & Me Zine

As part of an exhibition I organised for my society, The Mentally Chill Society, I decided to make a short zine exploring my experiences with Borderline Personality Disorder, which I was diagnosed with around two years ago. I started by writing down the NHS definition, the causes, and the four main criteria for diagnosis, and […]

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TO DO LIST- Spring Break

edit video clips of 3D Scanning and printing and upload to Vimeo/Youtube then add to draft post and publish make work for the Mentally Chill exhibition exploring mental health make fat video piece Organise exhibition- make or get someone else to make promo materials, apply for Student Iniative Fund, go through submissions, select work, email […]

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A lil Reflective Post

I would just like to say that a lot of my work has been backdated, to closer to when I actually did the physical work, even though the videos were edited and finished at a later date. I wanted to reflect the amount of work I had put into my projects, at the time I […]

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