Updated Project Proposal

Working Title: What is my Practice and Who am I? Aims and Objectives: To explore the affects colours and materials have on the viewers perceptions of an object, through my objects collected from the banks of the River Thames To develop a body of practical work exploring colours and materials, through my objects collected from […]

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Feedback for My Midpoint Review Video

My Feedback The part of playing with light and how it changes your objects looks interesting, you could try to experiment combining the art of light with your current idea. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend anything (at the moment tho) for reading or researching, but Tate Modern is displaying now some exhibitions about women if art […]

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Midpoint Review Video

I couldn’t go into too much detail about the research on either project, but it is all below on my blog if you would like to see it- I preferred to focus on the practical work I have been doing, as a lot of work goes into it that you don’t necessarily see when you […]

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