“This exhibition brings together some of the UK’s most talented and ambitious working-class artists to show new, experimental and never-before seen artworks.”
PURE CLASS was a collaborative exhibition between the Royal College of Arts Working Class Collective and the Working Class Creatives Database in London, showcasing the work of working-class artists from across the country.

“A series of handmade ceramics exploring diet culture through the lens of phrases directed at me by family, friends, and strangers throughout my childhood as a fat child. This series is part of an ongoing body of work exploring diet culture, fatphobia, and my own experiences existing in a fat body. These are initial tests, as I get used to the materials and processes.” – DIET TALK work description

The above photos were taken at the Private View, featuring my work and a group photo of all the artists involved with Jeremy Corbyn. A massive thank you in particular to Christoph, who organised the whole exhibition and worked tirelessly to make it happen!
I showed three plates and three ceramic sculptures- all new works made in the last few months as part of my FAT project, titled DIET TALK. the plates and sculptures are from two different strands of the FAT project, brought together as I felt they tied in well and worked together as part of the theme. I also had a selection of handmade ceramic pins and smaller copies of my FAT ZINE on sale during the exhibition.

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