Cambridge based collective Motion Sickness got in touch with the Working Class Creatives Database with the opportunity to use their gallery space in a disused shop in Cambridge for an exhibition for our members- resulting in LOOKS LIKE ITS GUNNA RAIN, a group show from a range of artists from across the uk who are all part of the Database.

I decided to show the antidepressant monoprint series SIDE EFFECTS that I created during lockdown, as it was some of my more recent work that I felt was “finished” (as far as a project or piece can ever really be considered “finished”) and because I feel that the topic is something that isn’t talked about enough outside of the medical practice. It was very exciting getting to be part of an exhibition in person for the first time since 2019, especially surrounded by work from my peers and friends from the Database, many of whom I had only met online so far! I opted to keep the presentation of my work simple, with nails and bulldog clips securing each print to the wall, as the whole show had a low budget kind of feel and I felt that framing the prints might make them feel lost or too cluttered. I also chose to leave one of the prints out, as 12 is a better number to show than 13, and as it felt like it said something similar to another one in the series and I didn’t want it to feel like I was repeating myself.

We had a very positive response and I personally got some good feedback at the Private View about my work, which was definitely encouraging and is making me consider revisiting and developing this idea further!

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