DRAW- Yu Chen Wang

“Drawing can be a very simple and effective method of communication” – Yu Chen Wang As part of the DRAW reading group led by the Post-Grad Community we had the pleasure to welcome artist Yu-Chen Wang, a London based artist from Taichung, Taiwan. Her practice primarily focuses on drawing, where her work treads a delicate […]

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Vectors: 60 Years of Digital Art Practice, Dr. Nick Lambert 06/12/19

“Art of the Electronic Age“- book started back in the late 90’s researching digital art and its origins Frank Popper Cold war period and how types of computer developed during this period CACHE Project Archive Computer Art Society John Lansdown using computers for architecture, performance, animation, ect the transference from computers being large and only […]

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Metal Workshop 19/11/18

Monday 19th Was planning on working on the bronze brick in the foundry today, but it was closed due to staff illness, so I popped next door to the metal workshop and asked if I could do some work in there instead. I had to leave the brick cast for today, as I needed the […]

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Rachel Whiteread- notes. photos- November 2017 Manchester gallery visits- December 2017 Update project proposal to fit guidelines siligum moulds of jaw bones- photos, ect – Mid July post photos and process of prepping moulds for kiln- dated mid July post photos and process of pour- dated mid July post photos and process of breaking moulds […]

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Half Term To Do List

Get into the Plaster Room at uni at least 2 days next week to make wax casts with my old and new hot rubber moulds. Work into these waxes in preparation for plaster mould making when I return from the break Update this blog- hot rubber mould process, waxes, shell burn out mould process, Biscuit […]

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