Metal Workshop 19/11/18

Monday 19th Was planning on working on the bronze brick in the foundry today, but it was closed due to staff illness, so I popped next door to the metal workshop and asked if I could do some work in there instead. I had to leave the brick cast for today, as I needed the […]

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A lil Reflective Post

I would just like to say that a lot of my work has been backdated, to closer to when I actually did the physical work, even though the videos were edited and finished at a later date. I wanted to reflect the amount of work I had put into my projects, at the time I […]

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Rachel Whiteread- notes. photos- November 2017 Manchester gallery visits- December 2017 Update project proposal to fit guidelines siligum moulds of jaw bones- photos, ect – Mid July post photos and process of prepping moulds for kiln- dated mid July post photos and process of pour- dated mid July post photos and process of breaking moulds […]

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Half Term To Do List

Get into the Plaster Room at uni at least 2 days next week to make wax casts with my old and new hot rubber moulds. Work into these waxes in preparation for plaster mould making when I return from the break Update this blog- hot rubber mould process, waxes, shell burn out mould process, Biscuit […]

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Bibliography in Progress for “Perfect Victim” Girl, 4, raped by her brother, 12, who had large amount of porn on his phone Clothes […]

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Week 5 Summary

Due to issues with my living situation I have had a very difficult week, and as a result I have not done as much work as I would have liked. I missed Tuesday’s tutorial and Wednesday’s lecture (although I will be watching the lecture on Youtube as soon as it is uploaded) due to having […]

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