Feedback for My Midpoint Review Video

My Feedback The part of playing with light and how it changes your objects looks interesting, you could try to experiment combining the art of light with your current idea. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend anything (at the moment tho) for reading or researching, but Tate Modern is displaying now some exhibitions about women if art […]

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Visit to Rafael Klein’s Studio

    We visited the artist Rafael Klein’s studio space on the 6th February, to see how and where he makes his work. He discussed various public projects that he has been commissioned on- for example the maple leaves outside the Nag’s Head in Peckham, and his artistic practice, and juggling the various aspects working […]

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1 to 1 Tutorial 16/01/18

River Project: moving away from vacuum forming as I feel I can get better casts in other materials due to the restrictions of vacuum forming, now moving towards metal, resin, plaster and ceramics “The Detectorists” TV show Mudlarking- how it has transitioned from a way for the very lowest of society to scavenge for survival, […]

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First Tutorial with Jonathan

Some brief notes from my first tutorial with Jonathan exploring white, the symbolism, what it means in art, how it can change perceptions my two main projects (the video game and the river project) run in parallel with each other- the first being predominantly research based at this point in time, the latter being predominantly […]

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