22/11/2018 Online Group Tutorial

Not feeling too well today, so I have joined the online tutorial group rather than going to class this morning. Notes: discussing the Yayoi Kusama exhibition and sharing photos the relationship to Kusama’s paintings and Janet’s work- both paint flat, so the works have no “right way” up, but Janet said: “it reveals itself in […]

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Tutorial with Jonathan 05/06/18

Secret Lives of Colour, book Theodore Adorno- colour/white reconciling the conceptual and the making process, balancing Tim Pickup, papier mache work (Drag project ref) Email Jonathan about video game and he will forward it on to MA Illustration papier mache bones? Could the drag crossover into the video game? Could I make characters for the […]

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Emma Gradin, 2nd Year PHD at Chelsea

slowing down the gallery experience, through curation, ect talking to artists and spending time with the artworks what do visitors need to know when coming to a gallery and how do we communicate it? are we experiencing the work, or just matching it to the description? what is a studio video? Looking, listening, encountering works, […]

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