Dirk Braeckman at Bozar

Photos by myself “Dirk Braeckman was invited to the 57th Biennale di Venezia, where he showed a selection of monumental works in the Belgian pavilion. His black-and-white photographs convey a sense of stillness, and combine intimacy and distance to create a private, secluded world whose meaning remains undefined. For BOZAR, Braeckman adapts the project to the […]

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this room really got me thinking about white, and how it can be used IN art, rather than as a blank space in which to display art by choosing not to use colour the artists featured in this room at the Tate Modern were deliberately choosing to subvert the idea of the white cube space, […]


WIP- White: The Gallery Space, and the Classism and Racism of the Art World

Discuss my own work- why I chose white, and how the audience’s perceptions would be different if I had presented the original objects in the gallery space (photos of my work in the gallery space Rachel Whiteread’s use of white concrete and other white materials in her work (photos from the Tate Britain retrospective) ‘The […]

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Rachel Whiteread at Tate Britain

“One of Britain’s leading contemporary artists, Whiteread uses industrial materials such as plaster, concrete, resin, rubber and metal to cast everyday objects and architectural space. Her evocative sculptures range from the intimate to the monumental. Born in London in 1963, Whiteread was the first woman to win the Turner Prize in 1993. The same year she made House 1993–1994, a […]

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