Internship week 1

Internship at 3rd Rail

So I started my 3 month internship at 3rd Rail Print Space in Peckham this week! I have done screen printing before, but I’m actually learning how to do all the prep work and how to run a workshop, which is super exciting!

Some of it has been fairly basic maintainance of the space- restocking stuff, putting screens away, cleaning, ect. In my first week I have already learnt how to coat screens, line up artwork and expose it, prep the screens for printing, and clean off the stencils once the screens are finished with, ready for the next use. It’s all been super interesting! I have been shown some of the digital admin side of things as well, but I will probably need to have a go a few times to get the hang of it.

This is all crucial stuff, as I hope to run my own multidisciplinary workspace one day, so I am keen to make the most of this opportunity and learn as much as possible. I have been taking lots of notes, but I probably won’t share those here, just for privacy of the studio.

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