Symposium 2 Feedback for Peers

Assessment, UNIT 2


  • speech was too fast to follow
  • visually very engaging, with a strong body of research
  • is the large scale print necessary? I feel that the wooden jigsaw piece is stronger as it encourages audience participation- it invites them to explore the landscapes in a similar way to how she has
  • the shapes and manipulation of the found imagery echoes how mankind has shaped and manipulated the landscapes around it


  • painting as a living entity, “painting making”, with each painting having its own agency
  • video echoes the idea of cycles and life, and organic matter growing
  • it would have been nice to see some of her research, and an idea of what she is putting into the final show- one painting? Multiple? Screens? A combination of painting and animations?


  • the video is beautifully made, but the text was at times hard to read- although perhaps this was the intention?
  • the video shows a great deal of consideration, but I would have liked to have seen your research
  • I really enjoy the aspect of your work that is immersive, interactive and has to be experienced- it opens up art to a wider audience which is something I am passionate about


  • making sense of loss through documentation
  • a strong body of photography, film and painting
  • the idea of voyeurism and photography is well considered, and I can feel that you care about being sensitive and not exploitative
  • I can see how your photography skills have developed through the selection of images, and use of colour and composition
  • depicts a universal feeling and a strong sense of empathy, viewers will bring their own narrative and emotion to the work
  • I am interested to see what prints you choose to put in the show!


  • clearly explained journey, with a strong feeling of direction
  • I really love the concept of ideas–>practice–>ideas
  • parameters can often feel restricting, but for you the boundaries you set yourself helped you to create a rich body of work- clearly you know yourself and your practice well, and this shows


  • the video is beautiful, although for me the music is a little distracting- it feels like a strange motivational video
  • community building through art, building narratives through curation and making challenge is curating your work well in the show- you have a lot of work!


  • silhouettes, shadows, lack of faces- allowing viewers to insert their own narratives, challenging stereotypes and the idea of identity
  • pushing the pieces further and exploring other media/editing
  • I really enjoyed seeing your research!


  • sight and sound as complimentary forces
  • the bias in art toward visual over sound and where it came from
  • a strong body of practical and traditional research that compliment each other well, with a lot of technical skill
  • I am very keen on the use of old analogue tech, as it works aesthetically and through the sounds they add (static, ect)
  • very excited to experience the work you put in the show


  • making emotion physical- becoming data, physical reactions v.s. emotional reactions
  • a really diverse range of experimentation exploring emotions as a concept and how we express them (or not) or repress them

Lyu Wen

  • pushing the boundaries of performance art, with a huge amount of work, varying from serious to silly
  • sense of time and space, in art and in real life- a very strong theme with a lot of research
  • I think you’re really brave to put yourself out in public for your performances


  • the idea of a digital pleasurescape
  • digital memorials and digital death, data footprints left behind
  • embrace the questions and uncertainty- these should not be feared, as there are many things we may never know the answers to
  • fascinating research and striking imagery
  • The key is how you are going to present your work- screens, prints, installation, ect


  • mixed media- photography, text, digital editing, and drawing
  • how different kinds of photographic manipulation change the viewers perceptions
  • the use of your work as a kind of journal is very interesting- I would like to see more!
  • the digital illustrations are colourful and engaging
  • keep testing out and experimenting with layering- take test shots and play around with the layout until you get an arrangement you like


  • amazing that you have tried so many pieces of software and have such a good grasp of them so fast
  • I love your character videos, very humorous and fun to watch
  • rather than sticking images to fake iPhones- can you actually show the works digitally on the screens? I get that trickery is desired
  • I would love to see you come as one of your characters on open night!


  • connection to the physical act of making- printmaking, painting, photography, and drawing
  • empty buildings whilst there are people living in tents, a sense of isolation and emptiness- the photographs work really well as stand alone pieces of work, not just as studies for the paintings/drawings
  • are you going to put the photographs in the show, or paintings? both?


  • very hard to hear what you are saying the video
  • how will you differentiate between your own work and others in the magazine? If that is the plan?
  • more like a look book as opposed to a magazine? Adds texture and depth- it becomes more of a 3D object than just a magazine
  • how will you present the book? Is it going to become an installation, or will the magazine sit on a shelf/plinth?


  • the act of preserving becomes more important than what is preserved
  • choice of mediums and access
  • diverse range of research and critical thinking
  • can’t wait to see what you install in the show!


  • Ai in art and the creation of art
  • AI generated work shown on the screens
  • lots of problem solving and collaborations to complete the work which is very fascinating
  • Jonathan could photograph and measure the bed/chair in the Quiet Room at uni and potentially borrow it? Then he would just need the cushions and headset need to be brought to London


  • I went to the bathroom and missed your presentation 😦
  • but your solo exhibition looked really cool and your digital skills have come really far over the past two years!

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