TO DO LIST- Spring Break

UNIT 2, Weekly To Do Lists
  • edit video clips of 3D Scanning and printing and upload to Vimeo/Youtube then add to draft post and publish
  • make work for the Mentally Chill exhibition exploring mental health
  • make fat video piece
  • Organise exhibition- make or get someone else to make promo materials, apply for Student Iniative Fund, go through submissions, select work, email those selected, book/source equipment, organise private view and events to happen whilst exhibition is up
  • Type up Dorothea Tanning notes into blog post and add photos
  • Add photos/videos of the exhibitions we visited during the Low Residency and type up notes into blog post
  • finish blog post on my presentation and feedback
  • finish typing up Ziyan’s feedback
  • edit video clips of photogrammetry first attempts and post along with notes
  • Edit video clips of Peckham project for Low Residency and add photos and notes to blog post
  • type up notes and add photos from the talk given by Professor

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