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Exhibition Reviews, UNIT 2

We  visited a ceramics studio this morning, and it was inspiring to see that there are so many artist run spaces like this around London- this one is a bit far for me to travel, but would be useful for my classmates based in North London.

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Anka Gallery- Aaron Scheer

  • mostly multimedia and digital art
  • organises regular shows and exhibitions, 4 students a year are offered a show
  • bulldog clips used, and plain black frames for smaller pieces
  • using screenshots and layering them on iPads and phones
  • main themes are digital, interaction with the digital
  • challenging ideas of art through the gallery space
  • easier to sell print based work than screen based work
  • commercial gallery
  • authenticating the digital artwork- i.e. USB with a video artwork, limited edition, with a certificate of authenticity
  • how do you value digital art? When there is no “1st edition” or “original” how can you market and sell the work?
  • the value is often in the certificate of authentication

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Arebyte Gallery- Refigure: Ground group show

  • VR works, film and animation on screens
  • not a commercial gallery- aim isn’t to sell work
  • online programme, events, shows
  • Arts Council funding
  • open calls, always open to proposals
  • paid internships
  • looking for artists to run workshops for adults and children

At this point my work isn’t very digital, and when I do use digital technology it tends to be a means to an end, rather than something I consider to be work by itself. I think this exhibition has opened my eyes up to the possibilities though, especially regarding the VR work- it was super immersive and it makes art more accessible to a wider audience, which is definitely something I’m interested in exploring further in my own work. The work was very thought provoking but also quite playful, and reminded me a lot of video games. I think I might need to reconsider my stance and explore the digital a little more in regards to my own practice, so it’s food for thought! I spoke to the curator of the gallery whilst we were visiting this gallery, and she seemed keen to get me in to run an event in future- I got her email address and I plan on getting in contact with her sometime soon.

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