Group Presentations- Alena and Eugenia 07/02/19



  • broad variety of research:
    – Schiele and Klimt exhibition- large inspiration, dramatic style, distinctive poses and angles
    – books- illustrated book of eye diseases, looks super gross and interesting!
    – Royal Academy of Art, Tate Modern
    – Heidi Lee- fashion, wearable sculptures
    – Miles Johnston- surrealist drawings
  • very diverse range of research- very visually rich, from science to art, photography, fashion, and makeup
  • I think it’s time for you to experiment and drive the physical side of your work forwards, researching through making
  • eyes, vision, internal and external meanings, different representations
  • lots of sketches, painting for parents
  • you have a very beautiful illustrative style- you can see the influence of Schiele and Klimt, and of fashion sketches/illustrations, but it is still unique
  • you said you are interested in use of materials- it would be good to see you explore other materials and mediums, to push and develop your practice further, you have started to try other medias- keep this up!
  • making connections from older artworks/movements to contemporary artists, photographers, and designers
  • eyesthetics
  • are the ceramic pieces featured on your blog? I don’t think you should give up on ceramics, maybe just take a little break before you go back to it?
  • using the canvas as a sketchbook
  • “eyes are the window to the soul”
  • absence or inclusion of eyes in art- it’s significance and symbolism
  • it could be cool to take your work into the 3D inspired by your sketches and paintings- jewellery, wearable art, manipulating 3D forms
  • 3D scan your eyes/sunglasses/ect – manipulate and layer the forms digitally- these could stay as digital pieces or be 3D printed and worn/displayed?
  • Eugenia and Paola both have experience 3D sculpting/printing digitally, could you ask them for tips/tricks, or possibly collaborate?
  • I can picture a room full of distorted mannequins that you have dressed, sculpted onto, painted onto, ect
  • a well put together presentation, but I definitely enjoyed seeing the research from your paper that Jonathan asked you to show us- it took your presentation to the next level and I really want to read your paper!
  • Some references:
    Ronit Baranga
    – “1984” – book by George Orwell, “Big Brother is watching you”
    – John Bergers’ “Ways of Seeing”- book and also TV series from the 70’s


      • digital advertising- how and why do we use them?
      • “Alter Ego: Avatars and Their Creators” book, sounds useful
      • are online avatars helpful or is it a lie?
      • extensions of the self through the digital
      • creating digital “people”- is this okay? Is it ethical as long as people know they are fake? i.e. the fake Instagram models and the controversy around a white man creating a fake black woman for followers
      • stealing people’s identities to create fake digital personas for money/attention
      • virtual girlfriends- a really interesting topic, is this ethical or does it cause real world harm? Are they different to sex dolls/robots?
      • have you looked into dating simulators like Mystic Messenger or Dream Daddy?
      • IMVU- avatar based chat rooms, often used for sexual encounters online, with highly sexual looking avatars as a standard across the site
      • “The Toy Becomes Human”
      • you have lots of varied and engaging research!
      • some experimentation with digital and traditional- would like to see more!
      • you have a strong and distinctive illustrative style
      • what next? Where do you take your practical work from here?
      • I particularly like your youtube videos and would like to see more of these- could they become a series? You could create a character and try to make this fake person popular
      • Perhaps you could make a series of videos of your game avatars online doing things they shouldn’t? You could create fake personas and play the games as them
      • money and sex- everything online, and in real life, comes back to these two inescapable things- do you want to use this is your work or fight against it?
      • A very dynamic presentation and fascinating topic- would have liked to see more of your avatar experiments in your presentation- sounds really fun and exciting!
      • References:
        Gorillaz and Madonna hologram concert
        – early motion capture- the old Barbie movies are a good example of this, as they used motion capture of dancers to animate the films

Snotgirl Comics


    • (film)


Alita: Battle Angel

    • (upcoming film)


Altered Carbon

    • (Netflix Series)


Ready Player One

    (book, popular film based on book)

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