Metal Workshop 19/11/18


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Monday 19th

Was planning on working on the bronze brick in the foundry today, but it was closed due to staff illness, so I popped next door to the metal workshop and asked if I could do some work in there instead. I had to leave the brick cast for today, as I needed the engraving tool which was locked away, but I was able to use a pendant drill to get rid of the excess metal on the last 3 bronze jaw casts, and two of the aluminium bones. I could have done more but the vibration from the drill was hurting my wrist, and also kept shaking the bit loose, making it difficult to keep working.


  • Had to apply wax to the drill bit frequently whilst working on the aluminium pieces, to stop the bit clogging up with aluminium (it is a very soft metal so it clogs drill bits up easily)
  • Had to take frequent breaks and swap hands a few times as my wrist started aching- if I remember I should get a wrist support for when I do this kind of work
  • The dremels that Lindsey has in the foundry are more effective for the work I am doing than the pendant drills in the metal workshop as the bits don’t shake loose as frequently
  • A small part of one of the aluminium bones broke off in the vice and it is too small to be welded back on, so when I have finished working on this piece I will try to superglue it back on
  • I am proud of myself for not giving up and going home when I realised the foundry was closed- I’m not feeling too well today but I really want to finish working on my casts before the Winter Break if possible
  • Safety equipment- metal workshop boots, apron, protective jacket, visor with ear protection, dust mask, and gloves








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