A lil Reflective Post


I would just like to say that a lot of my work has been backdated, to closer to when I actually did the physical work, even though the videos were edited and finished at a later date. I wanted to reflect the amount of work I had put into my projects, at the time I actually did it, rather than when I finally had the energy to finish editing and upload the videos of the processes. It is important for me to show when I actually made the work, as so much time and effort went into the making, and I would have liked to have updated the blog soon after. My reasons for not doing this are as follows: during June and July it was so hot in the workshops, and the work I was doing was so physically exhausting, that every night after spending all day in 30+ degree heat doing very physical work the last thing I wanted to do was spend hours on Adobe Premier Pro editing clips, and curating these clips and photographs on my blog.

Shortly after we broke up for summer I intended to do all this work and get my blog up-to-date with all my hard work, but unfortunately my mental health took a very bad turn due to issues in my personal life. This led to me being basically unable to function throughout all of August and September, and by the time I was physically and mentally able to do any work it was October, leaving me desperately trying to play catch up. My personal life and my art are deeply connected, as poor mental health makes it difficult for me to make art, although I did use making work as a way of helping this summer, and I intend to upload photos of the paper mache props I have been making for my drag project, as well as posting about the ideas for the project in general.

I suppose I am expected to say that I am disappointed in myself for not being able to do much work over the summer. But I am not going to say that- I am proud that I pulled through an incredibly difficult period, and that I am sitting here today typing this. I survived, and although it has been hard work to catch up to where I would have liked to be at this point, I have done so to the best of my ability. So here’s a pat on the back for me! Good job Kat! You survived, and I’m proud of you for trying so hard!

Going forwards I am looking forward to getting back to making my work in the foundry, as the last month or so I have been focused on my research paper and getting this blog up-to-date, and I look forward to sharing it all on here,

Kat x

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