Updated Project Proposal

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Working Title:
What is my Practice and Who am I?

Aims and Objectives:

  • To explore the affects colours and materials have on the viewers perceptions of an object, through my objects collected from the banks of the River Thames
  • To develop a body of practical work exploring colours and materials, through my objects collected from the river
  • To examine the use of white in the modern art gallery- why white? Where did it begin? Is the modern art gallery setup inherently classist? I will explore this through my research paper and visits to galleries
  • To explore myself and my role as an artist through my practice
  • To continue researching for my video game project

I am continuously reading articles, stalking artists I admire on Instagram, talking to my peers, visiting galleries, reading books, watching media, listening to music, playing video games, and reflecting on my own practice, and this all provides context to my work. Artists that particularly inspire my work include: drag artist Eureka O’Hara, Rachel Whiteread, Yayoi Kusama, Ronit Baranga, Boo Ritson, Claus Oldenburg, Olafur Eliasson, to name a few. To see more of my artistic inspirations visit my PINTEREST . I am particularly interested in art that engages viewers, in work that explores everyday objects in weird ways, and work that focusses on the body currently, although my interests change regularly.

My making process definitely inspires my research and ideas, which is evident particularly in my river project. The display of the white vacuum form plastic pieces I made made me think about the use of white in the gallery space, which has informed my research into white and its use in the gallery space, which is a possible avenue for my research paper. I am constantly making and revising my ideas, and it is this constant revision which has made me realise that the process in the foundry is probably going to take up most of my time at least until the end of this academic year, which means my video game project is definitely going to be put on the back burner and kept strictly to research at this point. As I have worked in the foundry I have also developed the idea of exploring how materials and colours affect the viewers perceptions of an object- and this line of inquiry is now the main thought behind the river project. This has inspired me and my aim for the project now is to recreate my objects in as many materials as I can to explore this. I will continue to document my processes through photography and notes on this blog, and I would also like to do more filming of various stages of the process- I find filming it helps me to remember different stages better, and it is easier to show how to do something via video than it can be via photos and written descriptions. This will also help me to hone my editing skills!

I envision my final outcomes at this current moment to be an interactive exhibition for my river project- I would like a table displaying the original objects and the casts of them in various materials, including bronze, aluminium, plaster, resin, wax, ceramic, and possibly 3D printed plastic. The idea is that I would encourage the audience to pick up and interact with the objects, whilst observing if certain materials are more familiar or comfortable to the viewer, and if so which. I would hope to discover the affects of the materials and colours on whether the audience are more likely to interact or not with the objects.

I also hope to have this blog as a cohesive record of my development, showcasing a diverse body of practical and academic research that has informed my practice and finished works.


  • Research Paper Submission- November
  • Blog submission- November
  • Finished work in Foundry by December 2018
  • Begin work in Ceramics by January 2019
  • Have a substantial body of pieces for final show in July


Here is everything I’ve looked at so far for the Perfect Victim Game project, and this is everything I’ve looked at so far for the research paper/River Project.


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