Visit to Rafael Klein’s Studio



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We visited the artist Rafael Klein’s studio space on the 6th February, to see how and where he makes his work. He discussed various public projects that he has been commissioned on- for example the maple leaves outside the Nag’s Head in Peckham, and his artistic practice, and juggling the various aspects working as an artist. His process involves filling entire sketchbooks, before selecting drawings to work into and take further- although some pieces starts as digital drawings done on his Ipad. He also takes commissions on videos made of his Ipad sketches- some are time-lapses and others are animations. We got to see his collection of artist books, all designed by him, and this was part of his practice he seemed most excited to talk about- it has rekindled my own interest in artist books, and I think I might put one together at the end of my river project to showcase all of the work I have made as part of it. As well as rekindling my interest in artist books I realised that I miss drawing, so that is something I want to try and do more of- I plan on attending the life drawing sessions held at uni on Mondays, and I want to do more observational drawings whilst I’m out too, as a way of generating ideas and waking up my creativity on the days when I am struggling with my mental health.

I have included photos of some of his work, in his garden, and his studio space above.

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