Week 5 Summary


Due to issues with my living situation I have had a very difficult week, and as a result I have not done as much work as I would have liked. I missed Tuesday’s tutorial and Wednesday’s lecture (although I will be watching the lecture on Youtube as soon as it is uploaded) due to having difficulties.

Things I have achieved this week:

  • updating my blog
  • trying out a macro lens for the first time and taking some macro photos of bones found along the river
  • writing up a game plan in my sketchbook for the video game project, and making more notes on the topic
  • began a drawing of one of the macro photos

To Do:

  • catch up with this weeks lecture
  • make a bibliography blog post for the video game
  • play the video games previously mentioned and take screenshots for the Pinterest page
  • add some more artist references to the Artist Reference Pinterest page
  • finish at least one macro drawing

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