First Tutorial with Jonathan


Some brief notes from my first tutorial with Jonathan

  • exploring white, the symbolism, what it means in art, how it can change perceptions
  • my two main projects (the video game and the river project) run in parallel with each other- the first being predominantly research based at this point in time, the latter being predominantly about research through making, colour, and the properties of different materials. They are separate but I am dividing my time between them fairly equally, so that I stay interested in both projects
  • to take my river project forwards- borrow a camera and macro lens from the CLS and photograph the bones- these photographs will be work in themselves, but I can then draw them and/or make prints based on them. Also I need to continue using the vacuum form machine when it is fixed
  • Jonathan needs to put me in contact with an online student on the course called Charlotte, who is looking at psychology of colour and mental health
  • Type up notes on the Rachel Whiteread exhibition with photos

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