Week 4 Summary

Weekly Summaries

Another hard week, but I have continued with my research for the video game- I have finished reading and making notes on the relevant chapter of Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates, and have been reading more articles related to the topic. I have also found more games I need to play as references (Lifeline, Loved, and Depression Quest).

As far as physical making is concerned, this week I finished cleaning all of the river finds, and have made three white vacuum form casts- one of the brick I found, and two of the piece of rope. Unfortunately the casts are not as detailed as I hoped, as the vacuum form machine seems to be suffering from a lack of suction. The technician Gina is working on getting it fixed, so I should be able to make more soon. I chose the white plastic as I am interested in how the colour and materials affect the perceptions of objects- I wanted to take these old, dirty objects and see how making white copies in plastic would look and how this would change an audience’s opinion of each object. I am interested in colour theory, but especially in black and white, as they are often used to symbolise different meanings, and are used in the art world in gallery spaces. Gina has given me two references to look up for this topic, Inside the White Cube; The Ideology of the Gallery Space by Brian O’doherty, and the chapter on white in the classic novel Moby Dick. This week I had my first one to one tutorial with Jonathan, which I will write a post about shortly.

To Do:

  • Read the two references given by Gina
  • Continue making vacuum form pieces once the machine is repaired
  • Play the video games and take screenshots for my Pinterest board
  • Create a bibliography post for the articles/videos/ect that I have used as research for my video game project
  • Upload photos from mudlarking and cleaning my finds
  • Upload photos and video of the vacuum forming
  • Make a post about my tutorial with Jonathan

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