Week 3 Summary

Weekly Summaries

This Week

Week 3 was a bit tough for me, i have been very unwell, physically and mentally, and subsequently I was unable to attend Tuesday’s workshop. I did, however, attend the lecture on Wednesday by Maiko Tsutsmi, and the topic was deeply relevant to one of my projects.

“practice as research” is a big part of the continuation of my “In The River” project, as I want to explore the materiality of the objects found along the riverbank, and question how rendering the objects in different materials affects the perceptions of these objects. Can these objects that would otherwise be considered rubbish become something beautiful, valuable, or interesting to viewers when moulded or cast in other materials? Do these objects need a function, or can they merely exist without purpose? These are all questions I have been considering since the lecture on Wednesday. I am a very hands on person, and enjoy exploring the physicality of objects, and I feel that the answers to these questions can be revealed through the act of making, then examining what I have made, and reflecting upon it, which is what I intend to do. I have cleaned the objects I have found so far, ready to start experimenting with next week. Also I booked an appointment with Rebecca upstairs in the Foundry to discuss my ideas, and she was very receptive and keen to help me get started- I will book another appointment with her next week to show her the newly cleaned objects and hopefully start making.

This week I have also worked on creating a Pinterest board for artist/designer references, which I have linked in an earlier post. This is to aid my research, and to create a database of artists and designers for myself and my classmates, should they wish to use it, which can then be used to develop a broader knowledge and context for our own practices. I will update this board regularly with artists and designers websites, articles relating to art, and current, upcoming, and past exhibitions.

Also this week I have continued to collect articles for my video game project, and have finished reading and making notes on the relevant chapters from the book “Everyday Sexism” by Laura Bates. I need to create a bibliographic post here linking all of the articles I have read, and I need to develop my notes into a properly written piece, in preparation for applying for funding for this project in the new year. Once I have secured funding I hope to find an illustrator and games designer to collaborate with to make this project a reality.

Going forwards

  • Next week I would like to take some of my larger pieces to the 3D and Plastics Workshop and potentially make vacuum form moulds with them
  • I need to make another appointment with Rebecca and bring along the smaller objects to show her
  • 1-1 tutorial with Jonathan on Wednesday at 12pm
  • Lecture on Wednesday at 2pm
  • Update this blog with photos from the riverbank, and photos of the cleaning process
  • Rewrite my proposal according to Jonathan’s guidelines

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